In 2007, Doctor Géraldine Reynaert, dermatologist in the oncology department at La Timone Hospital, tried to relieve the cutaneous adverse reactions of her patients with certain EVAUX products. The results obtained were far better than she had hoped. After three weeks of treatment, the adverse reactions of her patients had significantly improved.

Encouraged by these results, Evaux’ laboratory team revised its product range to specifically target supportive skin care: innovative products in terms of both composition and presentation, based on the specific trace elements contained in EVAUX hyperthermal spring water, such as a low-fat soothing gel cream for radiotherapy, hydrophilic skin varnish with a UV filter for nail toxicity and purifying mouthwash for the prevention of mucositis.

The results of the clinical trials conducted by Laboratoires Evaux were presented at the World Cancer Congress held in Chicago in June 2017. They demonstrate the efficacy of EVONAIL Repair nail care in the prevention and correction of chemically-induced adverse reactions

Prevention and treatment of adverse reactions on skin, nails, mouth and the genital area.

Chemotherapy, a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer, consists in administering medication that destroys cancer cells. Unfortunately it is often equally toxic for healthy rapidly-renewed cells, such as skin cells, hair cells and those that line the mouth (palate, gums, tongue, inside the cheeks, lips, etc.) Not to mention the adverse reactions that go with it. These symptoms and their severity vary from one therapy to another. They can rapidly disappear at the end of treatment but can also leave permanent after-effects.

Adverse reactions to chemotherapy and radiotherapy also vary from one person to another and depend on the type of medication used, the doses administered and the length of therapy.

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