Oily Irritable Skin

Oily Irritable Skin

Excess sebum

25% of adults are affected by excess sebum which causes blackheads and spots. These blemishes, more frequent in oily skin, are due to various factors such as smoking, fatigue, pollution, diet and cosmetics.

Excess sebum combining rashes and flaking (seborrhoeic dermatitis)

Because it is often difficult for the skin to regulate excess sebum, seborrhoeic dermatitis (redness and flaking) is a frequent chronic dermatosis which causes rashes or flaking on the face (peeling skin, dandruff), particularly in sebum-rich areas: base of the nose, the forehead, eyebrows and hairline. Seborrhoeic dermatitis affects everyone, but mainly adult men from 18 to 40 and can flare up during periods of stress.

It is a chronic disorder but your dermatologist can prescribe effective treatment usually consisting of topical antifungal creams or corticosteroids. However, they should be combined with daily applications of dermocosmetics to optimise efficacy.

EVOSKIN® DS: Sebum-regulating emulsion

EVOSKIN® DS is a soothing, sebum-regulating, flake-removing, non-comedogenic face cream designed to limit the production of sebum and the impurities responsible for oily, irritable skin. It neutralises rashes and flaking and strengthens the skin’s natural defences.

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