Nail care

Nail care

Like our hair, our nails are a reflection of our general state of health and lifestyle. Healthy nails are smooth, hard, pink and shiny. But they are exposed to numerous external factors that can affect their state of health: repeated hand washing, knocks and bumps, cold, sun, etc.

With age, our nails also become more fragile. After 60, they grow more slowly and often become dry, brittle and dull.

Diet plays an important role in nail health. The lack of certain nutrients (protein, trace elements and vitamins) often results in soft, brittle, ridged, pale or yellow nails. At any age, certain health problems can affect the nails:

  • Ridged nails can be related to hypothyroid problems or anaemia.
  • Pale or bluish nails are a sign of poor blood circulation.
  • Brittle, soft or split nails are often related to a deficient diet or hormonal problems.
  • Yellow nails are not only due to nicotine consumption or the continual use of coloured varnish, but also to hyperglycaemia and certain medical treatments (particularly chemotherapy).
  • A black stain or stripe on the nail is often the sign of a haematoma caused by trauma, but it can also be a melanoma, in which case a dermatologist should be seen rapidly. On the other hand, contrary to widespread belief, the small white spots that sometimes appear on nails are not the sign of a lack of calcium, but generally the result of knocks and bumps.

If you are not suffering from any particular pathology, following a few simple rules and having once-a-year nail care based on silicon should enable you to preserve and restore strong, healthy nails (see insert).


EVONAIL® REPAIR nail care is a clear, film-producing solution rich in moisturising, reconstructive silicon particularly suited for people whose nails are:

  • Damaged, brittle (dehydration aggravated by weather conditions).
  • Ridged (age, vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Soft or split (frequent use of water, soap or nail varnish remover)- soft or split (frequent use of water, soap or nail varnish remover)or impaired, either by certain treatments or the frequent use of artificial nails.

Evonail Repair

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Evonail Cleanser

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