Irritated Mouth And Gums

Irritated Mouth And Gums

Oral mucosa

The composition of oral mucosa is very close to that of the skin. Any aggression, whether bacterial, viral, mycological (fungus), physical or chemical, can result in a change in its structure and integrity.

Orthodontic appliances, certain foods, stress and certain treatments can create irritation of the oral mucosa and persistent pain or discomfort.

If the mouth is irritated, good dental hygiene is essential. It is also recommended brushing the teeth and rinsing the mouth after each meal.

In the case of mouth ulcers, it is best to avoid food that is very hot, hard, crunchy, acidic or spicy, in addition to alcohol and tobacco, in order to reduce pain.


Sensitive gums can be caused by different factors: over-energetic tooth brushing, smoking, poor oral hygiene, scale, too much sugary food, etc. Results? The gums become painful, red and swollen.

EVOMUCY® Mouthwash and EVOMUCY® Spray: products that soothe and strengthen the gums and oral cavity.

EVOMUCY Mouthwash and EVOMUCY Spray are both based on a combination of EVAUX® hyperthermal spring water and melaleuca extract (tea tree) with its reconstructive, soothing, purifying properties. The flavour is also designed to avoid the additional aggression of the usual menthol-based mouthwashes. EVOMUCY® is also alcohol-free so that both products will be perfectly tolerated.

Several clinical evaluations have demonstrated the decongestant, soothing action of the mouthwash and spray on sensitive gums and in the case of mucositis.

Gencives irritées

Evomucy Mouthwash

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Evomucy Spray

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