Intimate Functional Discomfort

Intimate Functional Discomfort

The fragile balance of the female genital area can be easily upset, particularly by hormonal changes. The mucous membranes can become dry, irritated and itchy.

Under normal circumstances, the vulva and vagina are continually humidified by the mucous produced by the mucous membranes and by uterine secretions from the vagina. This natural lubrication is essential for the suppleness, good hydration and comfort of the genital area

Which naturally has abundant bacterial flora. The balance of the flora is also fragile and can be upset by various factors including the following:

  • Stress.
  • Hormonal changes: puberty, pregnancy, menopause and the menstrual cycle.
  • Inappropriate intimate hygiene (insufficient or too aggressive).
  • Certain medical treatments (particularly antibiotics and chemotherapy)

These imbalances can also lead to genital dryness, which affects one woman out of five during her lifetime, especially after menopause.

It is a source of daily discomfort – a sensation of burning, itching and irritation – which can be exacerbated by movement and make walking painful.

Genital dryness can concern relatively young women but it tends to increase with age because of the natural decrease in hormonal secretion after 50.

Aware of the prevalence of the problem and the resulting discomfort, EVAUX Laboratoires has developed a soothing cream to improve comfort from morning until night.


EVOGYN® Intimate Care is a non-greasy gel that relieves the effects of dryness in the vaginal area, which is a daily source of discomfort.

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Evogyn Intimate Care

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