Fine, Mature Skin

Peau mature et fine

Signs of ageing gradually appear during adult life, including loss of density, loss of volume and wrinkles. Skin ageing is due not only to our genetic heritage and age, but also to our way of life (lifestyle, diet, smoking, sleep, exposure to the sun, etc.).

Loss of density affects everyone but more particularly women after menopause since it is largely brought on by hormonal changes.

Its symptoms are:

  • A finer skin which seems less elastic and can begin to sag.
  • More visible wrinkles.
  • A complexion that loses it radiance and looks pale and dull.

With time, the connective tissue between the upper and intermediate layers of the skin (the epidermis and dermis) changes. This tissue consists of papillae containing the blood vessels which provide the epidermis with nutrients, water and oxygen when needed. When the skin is young, the papillae are deep and close together. This makes it thick and soft.

The papillae gradually become more superficial and less numerous. Collagen and elastin production slow down. The skin structure becomes less supple and elastic and wrinkles are likely to appear. And since the upper layer of the skin receives less oxygen and nutrients, the complexion becomes dull and pale. The skin looks and seems less resistant to the touch.

The effects of the sun and the chemicals in cigarettes are important causes of oxidative stress which weaken the skin structure and make the problem worse. The loss of radiance and density becomes more visible. In very old age, through lack of density, the skin loses more than half its thickness and can actually tear. This is called dermatoporosis.

To compensate for loss of density, EVAUX Laboratoires have developed EVOSKIN® Anti-Age, a product that stimulates cell metabolism and restores thickness, suppleness and tone to atonic skin made fragile by age.


EVOSKIN® ANTI-AGE is a non-comedogenic dermocosmetic product capable of reconstructing and replumping the skin. It is particularly suitable for persons with thin, mature skin characterised by fragility and dryness.

EVOSKIN® Anti-Age stimulates cell metabolism and restores thickness, suppleness and tone to atonic skin made fragile by age, with an average replumping effect of 32% after twice-daily application for 28 days.

EVOSKIN Anti-âge

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