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Evaux dermatologie - Hyperthermal water | Evaux

Hyperthermal water


  • The hyperthermal water EVAUX® is derived from the thermal water of EVAUX® LES BAINS, France
  • Known for 2000 years and recognized by the Académie de Médecine of France since 1844.
  • An exceptional mineral combination of Silicon, Lithium and Manganese, with anti-irritant, decongestant and reconstituting properties.
  • One of the softest water in France, with a very low limestone content (10.5 ° F).
  • Purity and quality never denied distinguished by the absence of nitrates and nitrites, marker of organic contamination.
  • Natural anti-irritant and lenitive action. Treats venous insufficiencies since 1945.

From a physicochemical point of view, the EVAUX® hyperthermal water is a gaseous sodium sulphate water of medium mineralization, distinguished by its high temperature close to 60 ° C and high levels of trace elements such as Silicon, Lithium and Manganese. The majority of the gas present in the thermal fluid is nitrogen (about 95%). According to the available data, the hyperthermal water EVAUX® helps to heal the epidermis, hydrates dermal collagen and has, among other things, a sedative and anti-inflammatory action on pain, as well as a stimulating action on the endocrine glands. The Silicon of the hyperthermal water EVAUX®, by its stimulating and restructuring action, fortifies the skin and restores its tone and firmness, while decongesting the irritated skin.

Hyperthermal water
Hyperthermal water
Hyperthermal water