The EVAUX® laboratories have set themselves the goal of revolutionizing cosmetic treatments by using the strength of the properties of the hyperthermal water EVAUX®.

To this end, the teams of scientists have highlighted the microbiological mode of action of this hyperthermal water, long known for its benefits, but which knowledge remained empirical until now.

  1. An exceptional mineral combination, made of Silicon, Lithium and Manganese, with anti-irritant, decongestant and reconstituting properties. It helps healing, has a sedative and anti-inflammatory action on the pains as well as a stimulating action on the endocrine glands. Its high Silicon content acts in particular on the restructuring of keratin and collagen of the skin, helping to restore hydration, consistency and plasticity.
  1. A Totum composed of microalgae with positive modulation acting on the neuroendocrine dysfunctions at the origin of the metabolic imbalances as well as the pathological expression. This totum opens the way to personal care by re-establishing, in accordance with the physiology of the individual, one’s own reactions of adaptation.

“A remarkable dermatological signature”

  1. An extremely soft and pure water quality -sulphated bicarbonate sodium– with inflammatory symptomatic orientation, whose concentration of calcium and magnesium ions enables the natural emergence of water at 60 ° to maintain a PH close to the absolute neutrality for the skin. These conditions allow for an optimal tolerance of an atopic dermatological use. The combination of these elements is extremely rare, even unique, and produces remarkable dermatological care perspectives to suit the individual specificities of each user.